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Individual Messages and Teaching/ Preaching Series

All individual messages are $5.00 each. All series sets are priced as marked.

  • C101 The Shout Heard 'Round The World                  
    C102 Haggai 2:23 
    C103 The Temptation of Christ
    C104 Victory Even In Defeat
    C105 The Promise
    C106 Seeing Christ
    C107 Upon All Flesh
    C108 The Camp of the Saints
    C109 More Precious Than Gold
    C110 Three Steps To Eden
    C111 Looking Unto Jesus
    C112 Signposts
    C113 The Shout
    C114 Sacrifices
    C115 It Is Finished!
    C116 I'm Sick
    C117 Joseph's Boy
    C118 He Could Not Be Hid
    C119 The Group Around The Cross
    C120 Pres. Reagan's Message To The NRB
    C121 How To Kill A Revival
    C122 He Could Not Be Hid #2
    C123 Decisions
    C124 The Return of Jesus Christ
    C125 The Lordship of Jesus Christ
    C126 The Tabernacle
    C127 We Have An Altar
    C128 Weapons of Warfare
    C129 The Coming of the Lord
    C130 The Resurrection Gospel
    C131 Who Is This Man? (English & Spanish)
    C132 What Constitutes Faith?
    C133 The Heavenly Vision
    C134 Seeing Jesus
    C135 The Power of Pentecost
    C136 The Kingdom
    C137 The Feasts of the Lord
    C138 What To Do When You Don't Know
    C139 7 Things The Devil Cannot Do
    C140 Taking A Trip (Salvation Message)
    C141 Your Three Greatest Needs
    C142 Jabez: Disabled But Not Disqualified
    C143 What To Do When You Are Offended
    C144 God's Gift To You C145 Activating Angels
    C146 How To Bind The Strongman
    C147 The Importance of the Baptism of the HS

SC101 The Holy Spirit $20.00

SC201 How To Have An Effective Church $15.00

SC301 People Who Made A Difference $20.00

SC401 The Lamb Of God $20.00

SC501 The Power Of Prayer $15.00

SC601 The Lord's Prayer $25.00

SC701 Personal Evangelism $20.00

SC801 God's Call To Holiness $10.00

SC901 Habbakuk $15.00

SC1001 - SC1004 (Music Cd's, see below)

SC1101 The Anointing $15.00

SC1201 The Beatitudes $20.00

SC1301 Spiritual Burnout $20.00

SC1401 Reaping Revival $15.00

SC1501 Campmeeting Chronicles (A.A.Allen) $10.00 SC1601 Campmeeting Chronicles (William Branham, Bob

Harrington) $10.00

SC1701 How To Pray Effective Prayers $20.00

SC1801 The Tabernacle $10.00

SC1901 Getting Out Of Debt - God's Way $20.00

SC2001 Facing Your Destiny $15.00

SC3001 A Christian Approach To Marriage, Parenting, and Sex $10.00

SC 4001 Taking A Trip (Salvation Message) $10.00


Music CDs

SC1001 Charity $20.00

SC1002 Redeemed $20.00

SC1003 Walking On The Edge Of A Miracle $20.00

SC1004 Get On The Gospel Ship $20.00

Ordering Information

All individual messages and teaching/ preaching series can be ordered through the ministries office. When you order give the catalog number (the C or SC number) and make your check payable to Mike Childs Ministries. MCM will cover the shipping and handling charges. Any gift above the cost of the item is tax deductible.

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