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My Family came from the South so my comforts and traditions have a tendency to go back to those old time ways. One of the fond memories that I have is of sitting on the front porch, after a long day of work, sitting with my family, talking about the days events. Part of that included resting in a rocking chair, listening to the sounds of the early evening, and kicking your shoes off. Occasionally neighbors would walk by and add to the conversation. If we were asked what was the topic of the conversation, one would reply, "Oh, just a little bit of this, and a little bit of that." That what I hope for this part of this website, giving short thoughts and opinions, keeping you updated about coming events, and sharing from my heart to yours.


Recently I have been so seriously concerned with the lack of acceptance and understanding of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. This topic has come up so often in recent times partly because of the book by John MacArthur, "Strange Fire". He viciously condemns the Baptism and those who have experienced it as well as methodically touts the teaching of cessationists who claim the Baptism of the Holy Spirit ended at the death of the Apostles. I urge you to check out two excellent articles in Charisma Magazine, "The False Doctrine Behind the 'Strange Fire" of John MacArthur" by Eddie L. Hyatt and "John MacArthur, Cessation Theology and Trainspotting for Cave Dwellers" by Mark Rutland. There is no way that I can add to the excellent job that they have done in these two articles. Check them out and they will give you a thorough "why" to the belief that the Baptism and speaking in tongues is still real and very needed today.


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Be sure to check out this web site in the near future because we are working to create an archive. If all goes as planned we will have a library where you will be able to pick out some of our messages, teachings, even some music and listen to it or download it on your IPad or MP3 player. We will also include most of our radio programs, so where ever you go you can hear "The Hour of Jubilee". The plan is for this all to happen soon so keep watching.


I have some great news!!! I was recently contacted by a radio network, who has offered to air our broadcast "The Hour of Jubilee" on their network, starting with 10 station, each with a potential listening audience of 1.5 million people! We would be reaching major cities like Kansas City, Pittsburg, Indianapolis, Buffalo, and many others. They have given us the best rate of any network that we have dealt with in the history of this ministry. We desparately need you to get behind this ministry with your prayers and financial support. Your gift of $50, $100, $500, $1000 will provide the means to reach so many in the US. Pray for us, but also pray about what you can do to help in reaching so many in the US and around the world. Call us, email us, contact us and let us know that you are standing with us to reach the lost for Christ!


Hope you enjoy the new website. Let us know what you think. We will be adding new things in the future. Visit us often. God's richest blessings be yours!


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